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A First Word on Nutrition

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Ever have a great trainer that pushed you, always brought new exercises to your workouts, was so passionate about fitness and living life to the fullest that he/she inspired you to do the same? One who lived, breathed and looked the part of fitness, had a B.S. in Molecular Biology, graduate work in Comparative Pathology AND was versed in nutrition books like, The Zone, The South Beach Diet, and more technical books covering glycemic indexes, insulin-glucagon balances and more? A trainer able to clearly help you apply WHAT TO EAT so you compliment your training? A trainer who paid UCLA tuition by training and was with the Sports Club LA, SF for 3 years? Allow me to show you. Two FREE training sessions. I have access to many locations, call me and we will arrange a time & place convenient for you.

Kindly, Brandon Beau Bakhtiar, NASM CPT 916.812.4190 cell

Services Include:

  • Personal training ensuring consistency, novelty in your workouts and safe progress
  • What to eat, what not to eat, recipes and how to implement healthy eating into YOUR life
  • Flexibility training: dynamic, active and static stretching techniques
  • Please peruse my nutrition pointers in the Nutrition Information and let’s discuss applying it to YOU!

REFERENCES AVAILABLE! Complimentary sessions for new clients only.

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Last Updated: May 21st, 2008

Gallery: Depictions of exercises

All of these photos were taken Sept 2, 2010.

Photos done Sept 2, 2010. Let\'s get started...Start of Tick tocks or Windshield wipers (advanced ab exercie)

The net effects of Tick Tocks (and a South Beach style diet!)

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Last Updated: April 4th, 2008