About Brandon, a San Francisco Personal Trainer since 2004.

Brandon BakhtiarBrandon is a certified personal trainer with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).  He currently trains in private gyms, the Metropolitan Fitness Center and at Fitness SF on 9th/Brannan in San Francisco. Brandon was a private trainer for the Sports Club LA ( yes on Market ) for 3 years.  Brandon holds a B.S. from UCLA (1999) in Molecular Biology and an M.S. from UC Davis (2003) in Comparative Pathology.  Please watch the YouTube clips, see that Brandon not only knows what he’s talking about and  that he does it himself but knows how to communicate and inspire by a sincere passion for intensity combined with knowledgeable attention to detail.

I do not endorse “supplements” but simply a diet rich in low glycemic index micro-nutrient dense (colorful as possible, fresh and as unprocessed* as possible) vegetables and the low sugar fruits. To progress my clients I help them employ this with enough rest to hit very intense work-outs while feeling comfortable executing new exercises in an intense manner. By meticulously queing, guiding and attentive spotting I teach people how to push themselves as much as anything. I believe in living life to fullest and doing it in a strong, elastic body that allows me to feel confident I can accomplish what I earnestly put my mind to. Being physical, being in tune with your body is one approach to improving the psychology you bring to everything you do. Bring me your desire and I will deliver you the body of your dreams.

* = minimally cooked, skinned or chopped (chopping increases surface area and hence exposure to oxygen and its damaging effects it has on oxidizable nutrients). Take home message: Don’t pre-chop your fruits and veges. Eat things as close as you can to the state they come from nature.

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