Training Services, call to arrange a time & place that works.

Aside from insuring some of the most intense work-outs you are safely capable of, I give very specific guidance on what to eat, what NOT to eat (that’s important), food timing, where to shop, how to cook “lean”, how to cook so that you don’t have to cook everyday (unless you want to of course) and supplement guidance (should you wish) although I know not everyone wishes for anything but conventional “food”. Stretching and ab/core work is incorporated into every work-out depending on your goals and wishes. You are the boss after all!

  • Creative work-outs that never become “routine”
  • Accountability; I take a personal interest in making sure you stay on track
  • Flexibility training and stretching (I do al the work, you just “call out the numbers 1-10, with 1 being ‘I barely feel it’ and ’10 being tight as it’ll go’
  • Complete dietary guidance. I’ve even gone grocery shopping with clients showing them what to buy, where and the necessary preparatory appurtenances. 


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Last Updated: May 22nd, 2008